Moorman Reaps The Congratulations

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Chris Moorman is UK’s best online tournament player of all time and quite possibly in the world. In his career he has claimed a staggering $11 million online putting him head and shoulders above the majority. Despite this he is not the household name that you would expect in poker, simply because he spends the majority of his poker time online and not live.

This is not to say that he is not a succesful live poker player either as before yesterday he had already amassed more than $3 million doing just that in live tournaments. Despite that impressive haul he had yet to win any tournament of real ‘note’. This was of course until yesterday when he took down the WPT LA Poker Classic to add another million to his earnings but more importantly his first major title.

There are new poker champions almost on a weekly basis on the poker circuit, with many of them seemingly going unnoticed but it shows just how respected and popular a player is when their peers quickly come out to congratulate them. It seems that the general feeling was that if any player was certainly good enough and deserved a title it was Chris Moorman. Take a look at some of the congratulatory tweets.




We feel that this title is the first of many and he will obviously be delighted to finally get that first one out of the way after coming so close on a number of occasions.