Moreira de Melo on Competition and Poker

poker table

PokerStars Team Pro Fatima Moreira de Melo in case you did not know, has always been an extremely competitive person in everything that she does. She used to play for the Holland Woman’s Field Hockey team, is now a successful poker player and has now even started to play tennis regularly.

It is this recent foray into tennis that has inspired her latest blog post over on PokerStarsBlog where she talks about how she has realized just how much poker has changed her thinking when it comes to competition.

She has recently started playing tennis on a weekly basis over in Holland and has noticed how her way of thinking about sport has changed from when she was a hockey player. She is thinking far more statistically, which she claims obviously is a result of her poker career. It is easy to understand why too when you read what she says below.

“Just the other day after a match I was talking to my opponent, and I started speaking in terms of percentages and shot-making. I was pointing out how I’d only won, say, 55% of my riskier shots — like when I was going for winners — whereas I could have kept rallies going and won 75% of the points otherwise. I don’t think I would have thought about our match or talked about it that way if I weren’t a poker player”.

Whilst poker helps her to think more strategically about her other interests, she has also noticed that she is able to talk and describe poker in non-poker terms to people that know little about the game. She claims to be able to make non-poker related comparisons very easily and instinctively such as the one below.

“For example, I sometimes get asked about the skill element in poker. I’ll respond by saying you could get into a car without knowing how to drive it and try to drive, but the chance is good that you won’t get home safely. You can play poker the same way, just throwing in your chips without knowing how to play. You might win, but there’s a greater chance you won’t.”

The full blog is a really interesting read about how poker can literally change the way that you think about anything in life. We highly suggest you read the full post from one of PokerStars most popular Team Pros.