Morgenstern makes the most of his PokerStars Passport

Anton Morgenstern
Anton Morgenstern

Anton Morgenstern at the WSOP

Amateur and professional poker players alike, dream of playing at the World Series of Poker, but only a fraction of them can afford the hefty buy-in. PokerStars provides them with an inexpensive alternative, as the online poker company offers its most prolific players the sought-after PokerStars Passport.

Anton Morgenstern is the latest recipient following a dazzling display of skill and perseverance in some of the preliminary competitions ran by PokerStars. He could’ve used a passport to play in one of the numerous tournaments hosted by the poker company around the world, including the European Poker Tour, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, Asia Pacific Poker Tour or Latin American Poker Tour. He decided that Las Vegas is the place to be this time of the year and is poised to make the most of his chance.

The 22 year old resides in Berlin and is no stranger to online poker, although the German confessed that he took a lengthy break. He returns with an appetite for victory and after the first couple of days at the World Series of Poker, he became the focal point of attention. Anton increased his chip stack to almost 3,000,000 and he has an excellent chance of making the final 27 and even secure a spot among the November Nine.

He competes against some of the most famous poker players in the world and compared to them, Anton Morgenstern is pretty much an anonymous. What he lacks in popularity compensates through precision and aggressiveness, making him a force to be reckoned with. He took the Main Event by storm and just as he said in an interview, he plays aggressive poker and tries to take an early lead regardless of what table he sits at. So far, the strategy worked in his favour and all he needs to do is to keep up the tempo.

The Main Event was a bumpy road for the German, who was on the verge of suffering an untimely elimination. With just 25 big blinds left, he doubled up twice with the most important pot being one with pocket Kings against A-K. Among his victims were professional poker players, with the most recent elimination being the one of Estelle Denis.

The PokerStars Passport provided Anton Morgenstern with a chance to play among the best and he has a good chance of converting the $13,000 into a six digit number. His performance at the World Series of Poker is surely monitored closely by both the poker company and its loyal members, as Anton’s story could be a catalyst for players chasing these elusive passports.