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PokerStars All-Star Showdown: Galfond Beats Tollerene

PokerStars All-Star Showdown: Galfond Beats Tollerene

It is not too widely known, but both Ben “Ben86” Tollerene and Phil MrSweets28” Galfond are actually very good friends off the felt, they both live in the same apartment building, and often hang out and go to the gym together.

However, yesterday they had to forget all that and play against each other in the PokerStars All Stars Showdown. They were the final pairing to be playing against each other to move into the final semi final spot.

The match showed how evenly matched these two are as well, with it lasting an astonishing 14 hours, with them swapping chips and the lead changing constantly. They played a total of 4,341 hands, with the eventual winner turning out to be Galfond.

The Start Of Play!

The start of the contest understandably got off to a slow start as both players were feeling eachother up, almost waiting for the other to start making moves. By the end of the first hour though it was Tollerene who was up, he was winning by $8,050, which was nothing major but enough to give him the early initiative.

As we got into the second hour though, Galfond starting to pick up his game and almost instantly erased his deficit. This was short lived though as again Tollerene recovered them all in a big pot worth $21k, they had both flopped a straight draw, but it was his one that managed to hit.

This trend continued, where by the end of the three hour mark he had in fact taken over half of Galfond’s money to the total of $66,299.

The Halfway Mark!

In the hours coming up to the six hour mark, Galfond had actually worked very hard to regain a lot of his money. So much of it in fact that he was now only $23,642 down and seemed to be in the ascendency. He continued to fight back for the next three long hours too and by hour nine it was back to all square again as Galfond moved slightly ahead to the tune of $1,510.

There seemed to be no stopping him now as his momentum carried him forward and within the next three hours he was close to eliminated his friend as he held three quarters of his money to a total of $73,030.

The final hands occurred just an hour later as the board read Jh-2c-4c-Kd-3d, Galfond checked and re-raised all in after Tollerene bet out. Tollerene decided to fold leaving him with just $9,200 left spelling the near end of his event.

The last hand saw Tollerene push his remaining chips into the middle on a flop of Qd-Jc-9c, Galfond called easily holding the Qs-5c whilst Tollerene held the Jh-2h. The remaining cards of As and 5s were of no help and Galfond headed for the semi-finals.

He now awaits a semi-final clash with Dan “w00ki3z” Cates on Saturday.



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