Nadal and Ronaldo To Duel

Rafa Nadal & Ronaldo

Rafael Nadal and Ronaldo both represent PokerStars as Team SportStars and although they are huge fans of the game, due to their sporting commitments they do not get as much chance to play as they would like.

This is to change however as the two of them will now be going head to head in a challenge that is called ‘The Duel’.

It was the Brazilian footballing legend Ronaldo that actually instigated this challenge by directly challenging world number one tennis player Nadal to a game of heads up. Nadal is never one to shy away from a challenge and immediately accepted. All that was needed to be done then was to arrange when and where this would happen.

It was decided that London would be the perfect location and that November the 6th would be the perfect date. The great thing for all of us is that the whole thing is going to be broadcasted live on the blog of PokerStars at PokerStarsBlog.

It seems that this match is going to be a little bit of a grudge match two after they both played against each other before when Rafa won a small tournament featuring both players and even PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu last December.

Nadal had this to say about the last time that they played and this new challenge:

“It was my first live poker tournament when I last played against Ronaldo and one year later I’m more confident with my skill level, I really enjoy playing poker and the challenge of learning as quickly as possible, so I can’t wait to get back to training on my game and to play against Ronaldo.”

Ronaldo too, had this to say:

“I challenged Rafa to a rematch after finding out he was preparing for another live poker game, the last time we played together Rafa won the match and it was a lot of fun. This time it will be different, though, because I have been improving on my own poker strategy and will be more prepared.”

PokerStars are even going to let fans get involved too as Rafa Nadal will be playing some play money Zoom poker over on PokerStars on both the 22nd of September and 14th of October. That session will again be broadcast on PokerStarsBlog, so if you are around at that time you could find yourself playing hands against a sporting superstar.

During that session you can even ask him questions by using Twitter with #AskRafa. We already cannot wait for this both the Duel and of course the Zoom challenge.