Nadal Set To Play First Live Event At EPT Prague (vid)

Rafa Nadal

It’s been quite some time now that Rafa Nadal has been sponsored by PokerStars but due to a busy career winning tennis tournaments, he has not had as much time to work on his poker as he would ideally like.

He has taken part in a number of online tournaments but has still not yet managed to attend a live tournament. That could all change though as it has been revealed in a video released by PokerStars that he might be taking part in an event at the European Poker Tour Prague.

Right now he is extremely busy with his tennis as the US Open is about to get underway, yet he is set to have a bit more spare time once that finishes.

The video is the first of a series that the site will be releasing, with this one involving Nadal, his poker coach and a few friends enjoying a home game. Each of his friends share their opinions on Nadal’s poker game and his all round competitiveness at everything that he does.

We now await the second instalment of the series with great anticipation, much like we do his very first live appearance in a poker tournament. Nobody is expecting him to win of course but just to see if he can compete with the big boys at the tables. There is a world of difference between playing against some close friends at home and trying to get the better of some world renowned poker professionals.