Rafael Nadal Takes On The World

Rafael Nadal

A few months ago, tennis superstar and Team PokerStars SportStars member Rafa Nadal took on the country of Spain at poker. With that first success, the tennis pro has his eyes set on an even bigger target – the world. In a new promotion sponsored by PokerStars, Rafa will take time off from playing in the Sony Tennis Open in Miami to spend a little time with his poker fans. The date for the match is on Wednesday, March 19 and will start at 10:30pm GMT.

In the first instalment of the Rafa challenge, the fierce competitor sat down for a session playing Zoom poker against players from Spain. That challenge was a true test of Nadal’s skill and with his quickly growing poker acumen, he was able to escape with a win. During the session, the tennis player was open for communication with fans via Twitter and by using the #askrafa hashtag. All in all, the event was a success as many people had the chance to sit down with a living legend and see if they had the ability to best the champion at his second sport.

This time around Rafa is looking to get more people involved and so has chosen a play money Zoom game for the event. With play chip blinds of 5/10, Rafa will play from Miami when he’s not duking it out on the courts. The same Twitter channel will be open for fielding questions and Nadal will be balancing playing poker with attending to queries from his fans. The tables will be 6-max, which means that each hand played by Rafa and his opponents will be more intimate than a standard full ring game.

To bring even more excitement to the event, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu will be on hand to commentate on the hands as with many televised poker events. Negreanu has been active in following Nadal’s progress and has commented that the tennis player is growing by leaps and bounds. Coming into this event, Nadal has been on a solid streak, boasting a win in the previous competition as well as taking down the title at an EPT charity event in Prague.

As with the previous iteration of the Nadal challenge, there is a charity aspect to this one as well. PokerStars will be donating money to Care International based on how Rafa fares at the tables. For every time that he wins a hand, PokerStars will be donating $100. The promotion will last one hour and fans should make plans now to catch the star at the play money tables.