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Nadal To Make Tourney Debut!

Nadal To Make Tourney Debut!

Rafa Nadal is far from a newbie in terms of tournament play…on the tennis court at least, but in December he is about to go into his first ever online poker tournament. He has spent the last three months being coached by some of the best poker players that represent the site and now feels ready to take on his first real poker test.

The world renowned tennis star has been too injured to play tennis for the past few months, but rather than dwell on his injuries, he has used the time to try and improve his skills at a different type of game.

He has been suffering with a knee injury for the last few months which has put his tennis career on hold, but he has used his recovery time to improve on another game that is close to his heart. He is now comfortable enough with the game of poker to have decided to register for his first ever tournament, which just happens to be his first ever on PokerStars.

He will be taking part in the ESCOOP series, which is a tournament series for Spanish players only, which starts on the 9th of December. The ESCOOP will be the first tournament of its kind too, with it ending with a big €200 this Sunday.

Nadal has been fairly quiet on the poker scene since he signed his sponsorship deal with PokerStars, yet that is more down to him spending as much time as possible learning some insider secrets on the game. This event will mark a good five months of training in which he feels he is now ready to start taking on challengers.

He is part of the PokerStars Team SportStars which includes himself, another tennis legend in Boris Becker and a Dutch hockey player and a world famous Swedish Skier.

During his time being represented by PokerStars he has been spending his time training and being taught to bluff by various poker specialists. However, this represents his first real competitive test. Though he is not realistically expected to win, there is an expectation that he shows show poker promise and that he more than displays a competitive edge.

The event is only open to Spanish players and is seen as a reward for those that signed up for the site when the Spanish government allowed online poker for the first time. Ever since they did, the site has grown immensely popular and has become the number one site for online poker in the country.


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