“nanonoko” the 4th To Hit 10 Million Career VPP’s

Million arrow sign with letters

PokerStars Team Pro Randy “nanonoko” Lew is somewhat of a living legend when it comes to online poker and now that legend has enhanced further after he became only the fourth player to hit ten million VPP’s in his lifetime.

Randy Lew is famous for being an online grinder that plays as many as 24 tables at the same time whilst in the most part making profit whilst he does it. This is no doubt the reason why he has accrued so many VPP’s over the years and we would not bet against him going right to the top of the rankings at some point.

One of the benefits for hitting this milestone was a lifetime badge on his avatar that shows he has made the achievement. He was quick to take a picture and share this badge among all of his followers.

An even bigger benefit is that he is now allowed a free “dream” vacation to anywhere on the planet at the expense of PokerStars. We are sure he will already be starting to think about his where his final destination will be, that is if he can pull himself away PokerStars.