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Nanonoko Macau Trip (vid)

Nanonoko Macau Trip (vid)

With the 2012 APPT Macau Asia Championship Of Poker Main Event in full swing now, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a video made by the winner of the event last year, Randy “nanonoko” Lew. It is a great behind the scenes look at what it is like to be a professional poker player, travelling the world to play in the biggest live poker tournaments going.

The player that has been likened to a robot due to his ability to play 24 tables consecutively online has always enjoyed making videos about his exploits whilst grinding both online and offline. He is a member of the PokerStars Supernova Elite which is the highest V.I.P status that can be achieved on the site.

He achieved the status by figuring out that by simply playing more hands and more games he would soon get there, hence the 24 consecutive table sessions. He would concentrate on mid stakes games and earn more each week than players on the highstakes tables, whilst also playing more hands in a day than many would play in a week.

He is by far one of the best online poker players you will come across, whilst by winning this event he proved he can do it equally as well in a live setting. Any event that is held in Macau is going to be high stakes and high quality, so to win the event last year was a major achievement on his part.

He has made plenty of home movies which tracks him as he goes on his long grinding sessions online, where he discusses how his work ethic and the way he approaches the game is the main reason for his success.

This particular video has him tracking his journey from Hong Kong across to Macau, where he takes us on a little tour of his luxury hotel, a little look outside at night at the casino district and then in the Wynn Casino Resort which is holding the event.

There he records a little of the PokerStars welcome party which is staged before the first day of the Main Event, which of course he goes on to win. So here we are, enjoy the video and see just what life is like in the glamorous world of tournament poker.


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