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“Nasty555130” Takes Down PokerStars Women’s Sunday

“Nasty555130” Takes Down PokerStars Women’s Sunday

It was the last Sunday tournament schedule for PokerStars in 2012, with the first of the more notable events being the Women’s Sunday. It managed to attract 208 players which just managed to beat the prize pool guarantee of $10k by $400.

This meant that just 36 players would be paid come the end of the tournament, with the winner on this particular occasion being “Nasty555130” who took down $2,126.80 for her efforts.

She won after working her way through that field and eventually finding herself on the final table where she already had the chip lead.

The Final Table!

coloccini20 – 50,106

Olya111 – 110,846

ellli10 – 3,466

[email protected] – 20,061

fitlexi – 71,081

drkamikaze1 – 127,367

Izzuska88 – 31,630

Nasty555130 – 122,771

jamjars69 – 86,672

Once there she carried on with the same momentum that had seen her get this far, whilst the rest of the players were left to battle for scraps.

The first player on the table to be eliminated was in fact the short stack when it began, “Elli10” losing out to a flush to go home in 9th place. Next to go was “coloccini20” when all the chips got in the middle pre-flop, she was holding the Ad-6h and was called by the pocket jacks of “Jamjars69”, a jack on the flop was enough to see her out in 8th position.

The next elimination was a shock as it involved the two biggest stacks on the table, “Nasty555130” and “Drkamikaze1”saw all of their chips in the middle on the river when the board read 5d-Tc-2s-Ks. “Nasty555130” was holding the Ad-Kc whilst her opponent held pocket queens, whilst the 6s on the river gave her the huge pot and eliminated her opponent in 7th.

We then lost “Fitlexi” and “[email protected]” in quick succession in 6th and 5th to leave us with just four women remaining.

“Izzuska88” then tangled with “Olya111” and came out second best to go home in 4th before the two biggest stacks remaining decided to tango. On this occasion “Nasty555130” got very lucky by hitting an ace on the river after going all-in with a bluff and getting called by the pocket queens of “jamjars69”

We were now heads up with “Nasty555130” holding a massive lead over her opponent, which meant this heads up session was unlikely to last very long. In fact it took just five hands for her to see the back of “Olya111”when she hit her king on the flop to secure the victory.

How It Finished!

Nasty555130 – $2,126.80

Olya111 – $1,560.00

jamjars69 – $1,175.20

Izzuska88 – $884.00

[email protected] – $603.20

fitlexi – $468.00

drkamikaze1 – $364.00

coloccini20 – $260.00

ellli10 – $197.60


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