Negreanu And Akkari Q&A On The Business of Poker

Daniel Negreanu smiling

Yesterday saw another of the popular PokerStars Q&A sessions as Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu and Andre Akkari were fired questions relating to how poker is more than just a game for the top players these days and is now a business.

We have already seen Q&A’s on topics such as prop betting and the health and fitness that is needed in the game, and this final edition will educate fans and fellow players alike on how a top professional should both behave and market themselves in order to make additional income from the game of poker.

Negreanu who has been in poker long before the poker boom resulting from television and then the internet and states that he recognised that poker was turning into more of a business for players as soon as the WSOP was being broadcast more mainstream. This was before the internet had even come around, but he noticed that there would be additional possibilities for players than simply just playing cards.

He goes on to mention that a top player has to have a certain personality and marketability to be in a better position to take advantage from this, with late night poker shows obviously looking for somebody that can add something else instead of just poker skills.

Akkari too was quick to use his knowledge and skill for the game to bring poker to his home country of Brazil, a country where back when he started they did not know a lot about the game. He has marketed himself and set up around ten companies in his homeland centering on poker and bringing the game to the attention of those that perhaps did not have such access before.

Without spoiling it all for you, it would be a better experience if you were to watch and learn about what these top pros are saying. PokerStarsblog put the recording of this Q&A session earlier today and it really is a fascinating watch.