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Negreanu And His Latest Rant Against Lederer (vid)

Negreanu And His Latest Rant Against Lederer (vid)

Daniel Negreanu has actually been fairly quiet by his own standards over the last couple of months, yet you know it is never going to be too long before something that bothers him gets put out into the public again.

However, despite his outspokenness you cannot really disagree with too much about that he says. The Howard Lederer saga is one of those issues that you can really only agree with, with regards to most of what he says, with his latest rant about the former Full Tilt Poker owner not only being a representation of what most people feel but also a true reflection of that facts that have recently been presented.

Sometimes Negreanu may come across as someone that likes to moan about this or that, however in this case he really is spot on in most of what he says.

Here is a small snippet of the brutally honest rant that Negreanu delivers on the Lederer Files:

“One thing that Howard says that really annoys me — and his delivery even more so, that sort of smug, grin that he’s got — is when he says that he owed it to the players to keep silent on this issue. This is just so stupid, OK. Nobody at any point expected Howard to spill the beans on the different types of deals they had. What we expected though, in this 18-month time frame, was a simple statement. I could’ve even wrote it for you! Something like this: ‘I understand everyone’s concerns about getting their funds, and I can assure you that FTP is going to do everything they possibly can to make all the players whole. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss any specifics at this point, but as soon as I’m able to provide more information, I’ll do just that.’”

When “Kid Poker” has something on his mind, you have to admit that he doesn’t mess around. I for one would love to have him in my corner on any debates I may have.

Negreanu absolutely crushed Lederer in this podcast, really pulling the punches by calling him “stupid” and a “lier” on many occasions. He speaks with a refreshing honesty about an issue that many people in the poker world to often seem to shy away from, he tells it as it is and truly represents the poker community even though he personally lost nothing.

He has already declared his next rant, talking about a player he respects in Phil Hellmuth and his latest WSOP bracelet whilst also confirms that he will making a response to fellow player Haralabos Voulgaris’s blog.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here is the full Daniel Negreanu rant concerning Howard Lederer:




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