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Negreanu Announces Team To Face Hansen’s “Professionals” (vid)

Gus HansenWe reported earlier that Daniel Negreanu had put a challenge at the feet of Gus Hansen after a week’s worth of the pair having digs at one another over twitter. Hansen had reminded Negreanu about a $600k pot he once won from him almost seven years ago and Negreanu responded by having a dig at Hansen’s recent high stakes form.
Following these tweets, Negreanu then came up with a challenge for Hansen, with it involving him choosing two other PokerStars Team Pros to play alongside him in a battleship type of format against Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan and the prolific Viktor Blom.
Hansen agreed, though asked if he could pick the match-ups once Negreanu had chosen his team for the challenge.

The Update!

Negreanu has released yet another video, to announce his team selection for the challenge, with him also confirming that PokerStars have allowed the challenge to go ahead over at Full Tilt Poker. With a wide pool of players to choose from amongst the PokerStars Team Pros, he has gone with Isaac Haxton and the one and only Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, which he feels will be strong enough to take on the three highly aggressive Full Tilt “Professionals”.
He starts out by thanking everyone who had helped him to make his decision by hash tagging players names on Twitter before stating that he used their advice alongside his very own opinion and of course the availability of the players in question.
He said that Haxton was always going to be his number one choice due to his expertise at heads up Texas holdem, whilst his second choice was far more difficult due to the depth he had available in his player pool. He finally decided on the French Pro Bertrand Grospellier and then discussed the logistics of the game.
There will be three match ups, Negreanu against Hansen, whilst Hansen would then be allowed to choose the other two matches.
He then declared that after speaking to PokerStars, his bosses have agreed to let the PokerStars Pros play on Hansen’s turf at Full Tilt Poker. So it is now down to Hansen to get his three men together, with Dwan already agreeing to the challenge and Blom yet to reply.
Money also needs to be discussed, with Negreanu suggesting $50k a man to be put up, which sits nicely with the $600k he lost to Hansen all that time ago.
Take a look at the full video here:

The match is set to be played before the EPT in London, yet nothing is actually set in stone as of yet, though we all fully expect it to happen.

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