Negreanu – A Chip and A Chair

Daniel Negreanu

We didn’t think it would take too long before the new ‘first card rule’ would create some kind of blow up, yet we didn’t expect it quite so early on into the poker season. Daniel Negreanu is one of the many players that has spoken out about how he feels this rule is wrong and will be incredibly hard to enforce, and at the very first European Poker Tour stop he seemed to prove the point.

He decided the other day he would now be playing in the European Poker Tour High Roller event which kicked off yesterday.


However, during Day 1 of the event the controversy started. He was standing by his chair when he threw in his ante and the small blind before turning around to speak to a friend he had spotted at another table. He moved a tiny bit away from the table before the dealer suddenly announced that his hand was now dead.

He tried to explain to the dealer that he was next to his chair and as the rules state that as long as a player is within an arm’s reach of their chair that his hand should be live. The dealer was not having any of it and when the TD became involved he too agreed with the dealer.

This enraged Negreanu who then declared he was all-in on the next hand without even seeing his cards. He was called and beaten before he stormed out of the event. He then vented his frustrations through twitter and a forum posting which can be seen here at fullcontactpoker.




Jason Mercier is a good friend of Daniels and he was quick to side along with him, though he does think Negreanu could have handled the situation a little better than he did.







As it turned out, after calming down a little, apologising to the staff and speaking to the Tournament Director, he claims there are no hard feelings despite still well against the rule as a whole, he re-bought into the event and actually made it through to Day 2.


As fellow PokerStars Team Pro showed on Twitter, it seems that Negreanu eventually joked about the decision with the rest of the room.