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Negreanu Feels Lederer’s Place Is In Jail

Negreanu Feels Lederer’s Place Is In Jail

Daniel Negreanu has again continued his vitriol aimed at the former owner of Full Tilt Poker Howard Lederer. Yesterday saw Negreanu expressing what many of the online and offline poker players have been thinking ever since the DOJ labeled Full Tilt a ponzi scheme on a global scale last year.

Negreanu is deeply angered about what happened at Full Tilt and doesn’t buy a word of what Lederer has claimed in interviews since, where he has portrayed an image of not really knowing what was happening. Negreanu yesterday sent out a tweet saying “The more you research, the more plainly obvious it becomes that justice will only be fully served if Lederer spends time in prison”.

However, out of the four men involved it is only the former CEO Ray Bitar who is facing charges against him currently. The other three, Lederer, Rafe Furst and Chris Ferguson are currently only facing civil litigation from the US government. Whilst they are all accused of being involved in the fraud in some way, as it stands they will just lose millions to the department of justice but will not face any jail time if found guilty.

With regards to Lederer, the complaint against him was actually amended last month, as the government had discovered more information on just where the Full Tilt player’s money had gone. His charges were also increased by more unlawful activity on Lederer’s part. He stands to lose his multi-million dollar mansion in Las Vegas which was apparently bought by some of the alleged fraud money.

In total Lederer could lose around $42.5 million of his assets, of which the feds have claimed have been traced to many of the illegal activities that were occurring at Full Tilt.

One recent court document has revealed that the attorneys acting for Lederer, Furst and Ferguson are seeking to have the recent complaints against them dismissed. The three of them have until the 16th of November to file that motion, then the prosecutors have up until the 21st of December to make a response, then the three of them have up until the 11th of January to make a final response.

The tweet by Negreanu yesterday was re-tweeted over 40 times and many others replied in agreement to what he was saying. Another top player, Todd Terry replied “It is really surprising and of course disappointing that he is still yet to be indicted”

This story is sure to run and run, the biggest scandal to have ever hit poker, though it seems many people will not be happy until all those responsible have been brought to justice.


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