Negreanu Gives His Opinion On Hachem Interview (vids)

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Former WSOP Main Event champion Joe Hachem made some comments during an interview with Bluff at the ongoing Aussie Millions a couple of days ago, that have caused debate all over the poker scene, with opinion seemingly split right down the middle.

Hachem claimed that it is the responsibility of all World Series of Poker Main Event winners to undertake an ambassadorial role for the game of poker yet claims that many of the younger recent winners have simply not done enough in that respect. He feels that the game is dying from what it once was due to players only being interested in the money and not the game itself.

Check out the interview below:

The comments he made brought mixed reactions from all across the board with some agreeing with what he is saying and others feeling that it is the rights of whoever wins the event to act however they feel fit.



Step up Daniel Negreanu who was next up to be interviewed by Bluff. He agreed with Hachem on many points but stated that it is no player’s responsibility to be an ambassador for the game if they win the WSOP Main Event.

He claims that it would be great if a player would do that, but insists that poker is great because of the freedom that it affords its players. If a player is not interested in the showbiz side of things then it is their own choice.

He does feel that poker needs to stay as far away from being serious as possible and instead let the game seem fun to pros and amateurs alike. This is how it was when poker first had its popularity boom with the high stakes television shows being more popular due to the personalities than just the poker.

Take a look at his opinions here: