Negreanu Hands Out $5k ‘Just Cause’ via Twitter

Recounting money

Wednesday was a very lucky day for ten followers of PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu after he asked a simple question before awarding the ten best answers with a $500 payout.

The question he asked was what people would do if they were given $500 and to tell him in less than 140 characters on Twitter. He was quickly inundated with answers from his 321,000 followers but took the time to read each of them before selecting what he felt were the ten best.

It was at this point that he revealed the ten tweets that he had chosen by favouriting them and re-tweeting them. After reading them yourselves you will quickly see why each of them had been chosen. Many wanted to donate the $500 to charity, others wanted to treat their wives, families or parents and in general just do something nice for somebody else rather than themselves. We can imagine many of the tweets he read would be full of self serving statements and they would obviously have been binned very quickly.

Remember, that at this point, nobody would have known that Negreanu was planning to give away some money, so they would have got a very nice surprise when he claimed that he would be choosing the ten best and sending them $500. His reasons for doing this were ‘”Just cause”, which is just true Negreanu style.

Once he had sent the money he of course wanted to stipulate that those receiving the money do exactly what they had previously said they would in their original tweets. It would be pretty hard for him to do anything about it if they did not but if there is any truth in karma, they should stick to their words.

Negreanu certainly must have woken up in a good mood that morning but it just shows his caring side for those worse off than him. That $5k could have bought him into another poker tournament giving him the potential to win a few more million, yet instead he put it to very good use for others.