Negreanu hosts “Poker Trivia Challenge” on Twitter

Daniel Negreanu smiling

Daniel Negreanu is an accomplished poker player, but his tremendous popularity has more to do with his great personality and willingness to interact with fans on multiple levels. He recently launched his own poker trivia challenge on Twitter and the first question involved three other prominent poker players:

When nobody came up with the correct answer, Daniel gave them a hint and soon after a well-informed follower posted the right answer.

The winner was Randal Flowers and fellow poker players were quick to congratulate him for delivering the right answer, while also praising Daniel Negreanu’s clever self-promotion:

It took a player just a matter of minutes to identify the most successful Canadian woman at the World Series of Poker and post the answer on Twitter:

A one-liner was declared the winner as it came a few seconds before another post identifying Laurence Grondin as the all-time leader in terms of money won at the WSOP:


With the European Poker Tour in full swing it came as no surprise that the next question was about the country who has the most EPT titles:

Apparently, the United States leads this list with 15 titles:

Italian players were supposed to correctly answer the next question, despite the fact that Jeff Lisandro is actually an Australian:

In his final question, Daniel Negreanu asked the players to choose between Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth as the top ranking poker players in the GPI:

Phil Hellmuth briefly sat on the fourth place almost 3 years ago and Ivey is yet to surpass his performance.

James Hartingan challenged Negreanu, claiming that the United Kingdom has recently tied the United States for the lead after Tom Middleton emerged victorious in Barcelona: