Negreanu Reveals Annoyance (vids)

angry man steaming from ears

Daniel Negreanu has never been one to shy away from saying how he feels, with his latest mini-rant coming via twitter about an annoying player that was taking part in the $10 million guaranteed Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open.

The American player Mimi Luu was the person in question and Negreanu posted a video of evidence in his tweet as to why he feels she is so annoying. She took so long to make a call for all of her chips when holding pocket kings and seemed to crave attention, especially with the television cameras around.

Of course, what is annoying to one person may not be the same for everyone else, which led us to think about some other players that have been labelled as annoying over the years at the felt.

Some players actually try to wind up their opponents on purpose and get under their skin in an attempt to make them play badly. This is why the first player in Tony G instantly springs to mind as he has always admitted trying to do just what we said above.

Scotty Nguyen is another player that has been noted as being rather annoying at the poker tables. He obviously likes a drink, which is when the fireworks usually start on the felt.

Even the great ‘poker brat’ himself Phil Hellmuth is known as a bit of a sore loser and somebody that irritates others at the poker table. In fact both him and Tony G on the same table is always great entertainment.

Of course, Mimi Luu is not anywhere near the success levels of any of the above players having earned just $250,000 during her poker career, yet if she continues acting like that she will certainly be amongst them in terms of annoyance value.