Negreanu Suggests Olympic Style Poker Tournament

Poker chips

With the Winter Olympics currently playing out, PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu has come up with an idea for an international team based poker tournament. He took to Twitter to first voice his opinions on which player could represent each team and then made a post on outlining how the event could work.





He suggests that the 6 teams would have to pay in a joint amount of $300k to bring a prize pool of $1.8 million. The team’s players would then have to play out two days worth of preliminary stages before each player’s chips are combined for the final table.

The final table would then see one player from each team play a level at the table before having to hand over the action to another player on the team to take over.

It’s a very interesting idea and would be great for it to get somewhere.

Take a look at the players he feels should be chosen for the teams below:

The Teams He Proposes

USA – Smith – Mercier – Selbst – Seidel – Raghavan – Volpe – Kenney

Canada — Negreanu – McDonald – Mizzi – Duhamel – Watson

Germany — Shemion – Rettenmaier – Gruissem

UK — Chidwick – Vamplew – Lewis – Silver – Ziyard – Kamel

Russia — Bilokur – Puchkov – Gulyy – Lahkov – Kurganov – Vitkind

France — Hairabedian – Grospellier – Pecheux – Ktorza – Lacey – Pollack