Negreanu on using the ‘Four Agreements’

Book on the desk against books

PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu might not be enjoying the sort of success at this year’s World Series of Poker Asia Pacific that he did in 2013 but he seems to be taking it all in his stride and has even spared a little of his time to write his latest blog for his site at Full Contact Poker.

It is a great post as always too, with him talking about a book he read back in 2012 called ‘Four Agreements’ that was written by Don Miguel Ruiz. Though as he says, the book is not directly related to poker but he explains how these four agreements can be applied to your game.

The four agreements in the book are “Be Impeccable with Your Word”, Don’t Take Anything Personally”, “Don’t Make Assumptions” and “Always Do Your Best”.

He then goes on to explain just how each of these agreements can be used when playing poker and how he used them in past for his own game. A good example would be the first agreement about being impeccable to your word, where he claims he used it to get himself back into the top 15 of the Global Poker Index.

“This speaks to being honest with yourself and also following through with all the things you said you would do in order to improve your game. If you say things like, “I am going to watch more training videos online,” then DO IT. If you speak it out, don’t break your word to yourself.”

As for the second agreement about not taking anything personally, he attributes this to poker by using fellow PokerStars Team Vanessa Selbst as an example of somebody who does not care what anyone else thinks about the way she plays.

“One of the things I admire most about Vanessa Selbst as a player, is that she will always make the play SHE thinks is best! She doesn’t care if you think she is stupid or crazy as a result, she is willing to take risks and trust herself above all else. She has no “looking good” conversation when she plays a hand. I still remember her first TV appearance, and yes, I thought to myself, “Wow that was bad!” I think it went something like, she limped in first position with 52, someone raised, and somehow she got it all in before the flop!”

We do not want to spoil the whole blog for you so have just taken excerpts out of the first two agreements, so to not only read in full about those two and learn about how he uses the final two agreements when playing poker, you really should check out his full blog.

We can understand just where he is coming from with regards to keeping to these rules when playing your game, as they allow you to fully focus on your goal without having to worry too much about outside influences or thoughts.