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New Blood to Take Over the IFP Presidential Position

shutterstock_85991479As news slowly swept through the poker world that the International Federation of Poker’s president Anthony Holden has handed in his resignation we could only be left wondering who will be next to take over the position.

Holden resigned in a meeting with the board of directors, and so a new leader was imminently on the horizon. The voting process began quickly after the confirmation of Holden’s exit from the role. After a short wait it was Patrick Nally’s name that was pulled out of the hat of contenders after gaining a majority vote of confidence from those involved in the re-election process.

Nally is left with a legacy to fulfil after Holden shined throughout his four year involvement with the federation. He provided the IFP with contacts thanks to his trustworthy background, helping the organisation get off to an incredible start. Those involved with the IFP have said they will miss Nally’s expertise and influence, but they also have every confidence that Patrick Nally will mimic Holden’s accomplishments. Nally has already proved he is every bit as capable as his predecessor with a CV that boasts one particular event that qualifies him immediately.

The astounding turnaround of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa was down to Patrick Nally’s marketing prowess where Nally was instrumental in the recovery of the international football’s most adorned event.

South Africa was having local problems giving much of the world a lack confidence when it came to safety, and there were more pre-cup jitters due a hick-up with the ticketing distribution outlets. Nevertheless, South Africa was saved after Nally changed up the promotional activities and re-established positive PR. Ticket sales quickly recovered and eventually led to the first World Cup in Africa being a complete success thanks to dragging in a crowd that created a unique atmosphere never seen before in the history of one of the world’s greatest sporting events.

As for the departed, Holden has also racked up an impressive CV himself. He has helped extend the federation’s membership list from 7 to 50 international associates. He has been involved in getting the IFP on the face of the Mind Sports Olympics and was also contributory to getting poker recognised as a game of skill, creating the Nations Cup. Additionally, Holden managed to push through the beginning of the IFP World Championship; yet another great success story coming out of his 4 year reign.

Just before his departure, Holden went out with a bang after overseeing the latest European Nations Cup in Cyprus and then it was goodbye.

To round up a great accomplishment, Holden has been an inspirational spearhead for the IFP and will be remembered for his part in growing the organisation into one of poker’s leading representatives. Looking to the future, with the experience of Nally on their side and another 25 national members soon to add to the 50 current members the IFP looks like it is still in good hands with more yet to come.






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