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New Spanish Pro Joins The PokerStars Team

shutterstock_25229425PokerStars has long-been considered one of the best scouts for poker talent and an invitation to become one of their Team PokerStars professional players is often a sign that a player is on the rise. With poker exploding around the globe, new team members are coming from every walk of like and the latest to be invited is Leo Margets, a feared professional that first made waves three years ago. The Spanish-born player from Barcelona got a decent bit of airtime from a deep run at the 2009 World Series of Poker and since then she has been a fixture on the poker radar. Her uncanny ability to read situations perfectly and undeniable playing skills have certainly landed her on the list of players to watch in coming years.

Margets started her poker career in an innocent fashion. Learning the basics of Texas Holdem in 2007 from her boyfriend, she was a quick study and quickly found that she had a natural talent for the game. Just two short years later, she surprised many by working her way through the huge WSOP Main Event field and ending up with a top-30 finish. This strong cash brought with it a $350,000 payday and Margets was set to start her new poker career. Since 2007, she has become a true force at the tables, making several final tables and winning a prestigious tournament at the FT Masters Series. Another big win came in the 2012 EPT at the Grand Final Ladies tournament.

Before poker, Margets studied communications and business, eventually earning a Master’s degree for her academic work. Even with poker added to the mix, Margets has managed to keep a diverse array of interests and is not solely focused on doing battle on the felt. In addition to the game, Margets is an aspiring writer and is currently hard at work on a novel that she hopes will one day see publication. As if these interests were not enough, she is also an avid runner, regularly participating in marathons and physical events. As such, it is only natural that she would join the lineup for a charity event being dubbed the Vertical Rush, a race to the top of London’s Tower 42. With her high sense of competition and physical fitness, she seems to be lock to be the eventual winner.

As for her online poker exploits, they are just at the beginning stage and her new status as a card-carrying member of the PokerStars Team suggests that there are bright things in her future. Players can find Margets online by searching for “L. Margets,” her official screen name. Just beware that Margets is the real deal and time spent playing against her may result in a severely diminished bankroll.


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