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November Highstakes Roundup – Hansen Drops $2 Million

November Highstakes Roundup – Hansen Drops $2 Million

November provided us with another month’s worth of high octane poker action on the highstakes tables at both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, with there being some big winners and one extremely big loser.

“Sauce123” seemed to almost nail down the number one ranking at the top of the yearly profit table, meaning he will surely be the player to finish as the most successful highstakes player of the year, as long as he doesn’t have a nightmare in December. He took down another $804k throughout November and ended as the biggest winner this month. This puts him up to a profit of $3.8 million for the year so far.

On the other end of the scale, Gus Hansen has had the kind of nightmare that “Sauce123” will be hoping to avoid in December. He lost close to $2.1 million during November on Full Tilt Poker whilst playing at the $2,000/$4,000 Omaha Hi/Lo tables. That represents the total opposite kind of start that Hansen would have been hoping for after being signed as a “Professional” for Full Tilt Poker and playing almost every day since the site re-launched on the 6th of November.

Biggest Winning Online Highstakes Players In November!

Sauce123 (PS) – ($804,816)

Patpatman (PS) – ($756,005)

No_Ola (FTP) – ($510,134)

Alex Luneau (FTP) – ($475,370)

Rui Cao (FTP) – ($469,357)

Mastrblastr (FTP) – ($451,609)

KPR16 (FTP) – ($401,843)

O Fortuna PLS (FTP) – ($347,868)

Cottonseed1 (FTP) – ($319,956)

Longerpig (PS) – ($317,150)

Whilst we already know about Sulsky being the biggest winner, there were others too that had months they can be extremely happy with. “patpatman” was one of those players, having chalked up a very impressive $756k during November.

Biggest Losing Online Highstakes Players In November!

Gus Hansen (FTP) – (-$2,070,064)

SallyWoo (FTP) – (-$594,166)

Skjervoy (PS) – (-$485,593)

Odd_Oddsen (PS) – (-$454,887)

PepperoniF (PS) – (-$436,280)

Ilari FIN (PS) – (-$433,261)

Tr1cky7 (PS) – (-$402,045)

Skjervoy (FTP) – (-$358,349)

GVOZDIKA55 (PS) – (-$313,755)

Isildur1 (FTP) – (-$303,455)

Whilst Hansen was obviously the biggest loser by quite a long distance, there were others that will want to forget about November too. “Skjervoy” dropped around $485k over at PokerStars, and even added to his losses by dropping another $358k on Full Tilt.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom is another of the Full Tilt Professionals, and he too turned out to be a loser during the sites first month back online. Though it is nowhere near as bad as Hansen’s, he still dropped a little over $300k.

Finally, it wouldn’t feel like a highstakes review without mentioning Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies at least once, so here it is. This month he was on the losing side again as he lost around $433k, which would seemingly mean his mega upturn in fortunes from the previous month is now well and truly over.


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