November Nine Reactions Via Twitter


The World Series of Poker may now be finished for another year, apart from of course the final table in November but there is still plenty buzzing around Twitter about this year’s event, the November Nine and what changes should be made for the 2014 series.

We will start off with the man that is currently at the top of the chip counts for when that table starts up. We waited patiently yesterday after the action had finished on Day 7 to see if the normally regular tweeter JC Tran would make any kind of statement, yet it never appeared. He was obviously wrapped up in the more physical celebrations at the time, but he has now converged on to twitter to say thank you to just about everyone.


Close But No Cigar For Mortensen!

Of course, there is one player that will be feeling especially down at the moment having missed out on that final table by finishing in tenth place, but Carlos Mortensen is extremely highly respected by his fellow peers with many of them claiming he has the best record in poker when considering the amount of times he cashes compared to how many tournaments he enters. Though he has yet to tweet anything, there has been plenty of others talking about him.



Proposed Changes For Next Year!
With the proceedings done and dusted, today Ty Stuart who is the Executive Director of the World Series of Poker tweeted that he would like players to come to him with the number one improvement that could be made for next year’s series.


There have only been a handful of replies so far with nearly all of them wanting ten handed tables gone, whilst there were also suggestions about having a Hi and Lo buy-in to many of the non-holdem events.

Brunson Just Happy To Have Some Spare Time To Do Normal Things!

He didn’t have as hectic a WSOP schedule as he has in the past after literally playing just one event but Doyle Brunson seemed to have trouble just managing that at his age.