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“Odd_Oddsen” A Low Scoring Winner At PokerStars

“Odd_Oddsen” A Low Scoring Winner At PokerStars

On a day where the sheer anticipation of Full Tilt Poker re-launching, it was always expected that there would be a reduction in action at the high stakes tables at PokerStars. Players will want to check their balances, withdrawing cash and taking a good look around the Full Tilt client which is now owned by PokerStars.

Many of the high stakes biggest stars were nowhere to be seen, though with Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom now being sponsored by Full Tilt it is no surprise that they would have been getting prepared for the big re-launch yesterday. This would also have been the case for many of the other big names, all interested to see what goes down on what will most likely be the busiest day on Full Tilt since it was created back in 2004.

This resulted in quite a slump at the tables, though it is only expected to be temporary. However, the biggest winner of the day was ”Odd_Oddsen” who managed to bank $86k at the Pot Limit Omaha $50/$100 tables.

He started out quite slowly and didn’t really see much of an improvement to his balance until a little later on in the day.

Whilst he played most of the day at the $25/$50 tables it was his short stint on the $50/$100 tables that brought him most of his winnings. It was also on those tables that he won his biggest pot of the day, which was again relatively small. He won a pot of $25.6k when he rivered the nut straight against “Danita332789”.

That wasn’t the biggest pot of the day though, that occurred in a hand between “altiFC” and “donthnrmepls”. “altiFC” got lucky on the turn to hit a gutshot straight to crack the pocket jacks of his opponent to take the pot of $39,341.45.

Another big hand on the day saw “NyPogadi11” attempting a badly timed steal after “BenYamineX” had managed to flop a two pair. He made an easy call and won the pot of $35.8k.

The player who was in second place with regards to profit was “GVOZDIKA55” who banked $83k by the end of the day whilst plying his trade in the 8 game format. He took most of his profit from “gunning4you” in a lengthy session which saw 700 hands.

So whilst there were no six figure winners at the tables yesterday, it also meant there were no six figure losers too, with the biggest loser of the day actually being “gunning4you” who dropped $86.7k.

The Day’s Biggest Winners!

Odd_Oddsen +$86k

GVOZDIKA55 +$83k

n0d1ceb4by +$70k

altiFC +$66.5k


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