“Odd_Oddsen” takes on Norwegian politician in HU

opposing heads

Poker has frequently been dismissed as a game of chance by those who don’t play it and take this side of the skill v luck debate.

In Norway, it is still illegal to play poker, for the same reason and that’s why poker professional Ola “Odd_Oddsen” Amundsgard decided to take action. It was made known by a post on 2+2 forum that the Norwegian pro challenged politicians to a game of poker.

This appears to be a win-win situation for those members of the parliament who strongly believe that there is nothing more than meets the eye about poker. They will sit down at the same table with Amundsgard  and play 10,000 hands and if they have more money than the poker Pro at the end of the session, they will receive 1 million Norwegian Kroner. This is the equivalent of $170,000 and given the fact that the politicians don’t have to venture a dime, there is nothing for them to lose.

It appears that one politician decided to take on Ola’s challenge. Erlend Wiborg is the only one to have accepted the freerolls so far.

Erlend is under no illusion that he will start as a huge underdog, as he correctly places his opponent among the very best poker players in the world. On the other hand, he finds the opportunity of competing against a PLO expert too good to turn down and he keeps his hopes alive about his chances at the tables.

The new coalition goverment gives Norwegians hope that it is more likely to support poker in the country but for the time being, the politician and Odd Oddsen will have to go beyond borders to play the free roll, in order to be in complete accordance with the law.

The ultimate purpose of this campaign is to make a couple of steps forward in the right direction and ultimately lead to poker being legalised.

Check out the Norwegian sites about the challenge, its acceptance and the story after it was finalised.