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Omaha Hi/Lo and NL Hold’em Tables Steal the Action

mouse and moneyThe biggest games of the day were on the No Limit Hold’em tables, but over on the Omaha Hi/Lo there was also some high stake actions between Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Kyle “KPR16” Ray.

Ray took Blom for exactly $210,806 in their Omaha Hi/Lo heads-up battle, and the bad news continued for Blom as he lost more cash on the No Limit Hold’em tables, which saw him drop another $198,021 to end the day with a total loss of $408,889. The players who took all the money from the NLH tables were “MalACEsia” and “ReadYrSoul” both pulling in above the $200k mark for the day.

Top 5 Winners

1st “MalACEsia” – $254,344I

2nd “ReadYrSoul” – $232,136

3rd “KPR16” – $210,806

4th “punting-peddler” – $160,846

5th “ScHnibL0r” – $95,913

Action Hand of the Day ($324k Pot)

The largest pot of the day came via the way most big pots seem to be contended on the 6-max Hold’em tables. “WCGrider” raises $3,520 from mid position only for “Denoking” to 3-bet to $9,200 one of the button. “HelicopterBenz82” and “Trex313” folded out of the hand and so did “MalACEsia”. “WCGrider” then re-raises making it $29,920 to call and “Denoking” then shoves holding As-Ad, unbeknown to “Denoking”, who called with Kc-Ks.

The flop came out as a double flop with the first line reading Jc-8s-Jd and the second flop was 9d-7s-6h giving “Denoking” no runner straight or flush with the two rainbow flops. The turn came 4s and Qs on the other board, and finally the river blanked on “Denoking” as the first river showed 4d and the second 3s. “WCGrider” took the pot, which was $324k. Yet another massive pot in the world of high stakes poker.

The big pot loss was responsible for the majority of “Denoking’s” final negative showing for the day. However, other players playing at the same table managed to stack up greater negatives with “HelicopterBen82” losing big on the No Limit Hold’em 6-max tables after dropping -$215,624.

Top 5 Losses

“Isildur1” – (-$408,889)

“FaKeOrReaL” – (-$225,067)

“HelicopterBen82” – (-$215,624)

“Denoking” – (-$191,702)

“forhayley” – (-$140,612)

On the nosebleed PokerStars Pot Limit tables everyone was taking their profits from “FaKeOrReaL”, who just couldn’t seem to get anything going for himself. He lost $225,067 spreading his money evenly around the PokerStars top PLO winners. In the day’s total PLO top 5 there was only 1 Full Tilt player, “WCGRider”, in 5th while once again PokerStars lives up to its reputation as the toughest PLO cash games seem to be happen over this side of the online high stakes poker games.

Yesterdays Top 5 PLO Winners

1st “Vaga_Lion” – $74,153

2nd “ScHnibL0r” – $64,085

3rd “RaúlGonzalez” – $57,514

4th “SamRostan” – $56,033

5th “WCGRider” – $47,256

More action to come again tomorrow, but for now all eyes are on what the PokerStars PLO games will bring out, and will “Isildur1” continue to leak mass amounts of cash?

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