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Online High Stakes See “Isildur1” Drop $500k Again!

blom leftAs we continue to follow the high stakes online cash games, Viktor “isildur1” Blom has been the man making the headlines, but what about Kyle “cotonseed1” Hendon?

Hendon just turned over massive profit in yesterday’s high profile showdown playing versus Blom, who had only just made a massive $500k come back to push on 2013’s highest earner, “PostflopAction”. Blom was just shy of $800k to grab the top spot, and in yesterday’s action we were fully expecting him to make another push for the top spot, but instead he was pushed back in other direction by Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon, who at one point had taken a massive $600k off Blom.

Blom made gains on other tables, but his total loss for the day was $503,518, which wiped out his $502,622 earnings the day before. Just a day before that and Blom had already lost something to the tune of $500k.

There was some consolation for his race up the ladder as “PreflopAction” didn’t have any success himself, dropping $272,940, but still managing to widen the gap between him and Blom thanks to “cotonseed1” taking a massive win off Blom. In fact there was also another familiar name from the top winners of the previous day with “FinddaGrind” additionally having an off day at the virtual tables.

Yesterday’s 3 Biggest Losers – The Day Before Top 3 Earners

“Isildur” (-$503,518) “Isildur” $502,622
“FinddaGrind” (-$272,940) “PostflopAction” $203,371
“PostflopAction” (-$157,445) “FinddaGrind” $130,610

As for Blom, he got his morning off to a bad start versus “kagome kagome” on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw tables. He then spent most of the remaining hours fighting back to reduce a $250k loss in a game known for its massive swings. On top of this, Blom was also suffering part of that loss on the FLHE tables, playing the same opponent as well as losing some large pots against “Niki Jedlicka”.

Blom continued on to the 8-Game tables taking $166k from “FinddaGrind”, which affected the resulting outcome of Antonius’s day, finishing as the second highest looser. By now, Blom was looking at a $600k deficit, was it not for wins on the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw games against “Cottonseed1” and “FinddaGrind” later in the day to reduce that number.
At the top of the earners list “Niki Jedlicka” had put in yet another profitable performance after his display on the 8-Game tables. He finished up with a $130k profit mostly coming from a bad day at the tables for Patrick “FinddaGrind” Antonius.

Yesterday’s Top 3 Earners

“Cottonseed1” $607,476
“Niki Jedlicka” $209,735
“kagome kagome” $149,826

“Cottonseed1” has now pushed himself up to 6th place on the highest online cash earners ladder with “kagome kagome” in 11th place at the moment. “PostflopAction” is still at the top with $3,745,740 gaining in cash slightly on second place, Viktor “isildur1” Blom $2,623,106 and losing ground to “FinddaGrind”, who is in third with $2,209,168 profit so far.

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