Online High Stakes Poker – “limmouse” and “wilhasha” Win Big


Whilst the EPT San Remo has been ongoing throughout the week you may be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the high stakes action on the tables at PokerStars might subside a little, yet you couldn’t be more wrong.

Yesterday saw another batch of players taking down some heavy scores with “wilhasha” and “limmouse” both breaking the $100k mark for the day. “wilhasha” in particular desperately needed a good score after suffering a difficult few months on the virtual felt.

“wilhasha” banked $108.7k whilst playing against the likes of “patpatman” and “Kanu7” on the $50/$100 and the $100/$200 No Limit Hold’em tables. He actually won $80k in around 200 hands which is a pretty impressive performance.

“limmouse” also put in a strong performance on the tables yesterday as he plied his trade on the No Limit Hold’em tables. He took down $102.8k on the $50/$100 stakes tables whilst he was up against some of the usual high stakes players such as “0Human0”, “Vaga_Lion”, “Trueteller”, “sat1337en” and “forhayley”.

The Day’s Biggest Hands!

The biggest hand of the day fell when “Kanu7” and “wilhasha” both matched a bet of $1,800 pre-flop, and the flop came down as Js-6d-Qc. “wilhasha” then bet out another $2.1k and was instantly called by his opponent, of which the 7s fell on the turn. “wilhasha” again bet, this time with around 4k only to be re-raised to 12k by “Kanu7”, he wasn’t having none of it though as he raised it again to $25k and he was again called.

The river showed the 9h and both players checked, “wilhasha” had the Ad-Qh whilst “Kanu7” was chasing the flush and missed with the As-6s. The pot was $60k and put the table stack of “wilhasha” up to $120k.

Another big pot was when “0Human0” won $52.8k after crushing the aces “maxxmeister”. “altiFC” also won a handsome pot but will count himself lucky when a pre-flop all-in between him and “fish2013” saw him pair his ace on the flop to defeat his opponents pocket kings for $52.2k.

Other big profits for the day went to both “Jeans89” and a guy that is always making profit it seems “Ben86” who banked $95.6k and $80k respectively.

With regards to big losers yesterday, there was only one player who actually lost more than $100k and that was “The Liar” who shed about $103k from his PokerStars account.

Yesterday’s Biggest Winners!

• wilhasha +$108.7k

• limmouse +$102.8k

• Jeans89 +$95.6k

• Ben86 +$80.1k

To stay up to date with everything high stakes related, keep coming back to regular reports on just what is happening on the nosebleed tables at PokerStars.