Online movers and shakers for October

winners and losers

October was a busy month for poker professionals who play at Full Tilt Poker, with small fortunes being won and lost at nosebleed stakes. Viktor Blom was the most successful player this month, offsetting all previous losses and aiming to become the biggest winner of 2013. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we find Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in various sessions.

The “Great Dane” lost an additional $1.3 million after losing $5 million in the previous nine months and is by far the biggest loser of the year so far. “kagome kagome” from Germany took the largest chunk of his money, stripping Hansen of $600,000 at a single table while playing $2,000/$4,000 2-7 triple draw. Overall, Gus is inching closer to the psychological limit of losing $10 million overall playing online poker, the kind of record that all poker players hope to avoid.

Doug “WCGRider” Polk was one of the few poker professionals to beat Viktor Blom this month, with the American winning two memorable pots. On one occasion, he was dealt the nut flush while the Swedish player improved his hand to a set on the flop and after a quick succession of raises, both of them shoved their chips in the middle. Polk’s hand remained the best one all the way to the river and as a result he won a pot of $490,000, leaving Blom with a sizeable loss.

Much to his credit, the Swede recuperated that amount the very next day while playing at $400/$800 NLHE Tables. The biggest hand of the day was also played against “WCGRider”, with Blom being dealt A-K while his opponent shoved his chips with pocket queens. This time the Swedish player won the coin flip when an ace spiked on the flop and took a pot worth in excess of $300,000.

At the end of the month, Isildur1 was $3.27 million ahead, but his profit would’ve been much more consistent had he not played at nosebleed Texas hold ‘em no limit tables. Once again the most intense sessions were those played against Polk who won $1.2 million in two sessions, including several big pots of $200,000 or more. The two players locked horns at the $500/$1,000 CAP tables as well, but once again the American emerged victorious, while Blom went on to lose an additional $240,000 to Germany’s Sanlker.

Overall, these are the 4 players who feature on October’s biggest winners list:

Isildur1 – $3,277,577

IReadYrSoul – $1,011,027

RealMonies – $449,560

jungleman12 – $312,787