Online Poker’s Movers and Shakers

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It was a big week for “samrostan” after grinding his way to the top of the weekly leader board pushing back his challengers and taking a $358,238 profit. It was an equally as impressive week for Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius as he continued with his 2013 upswing confirming himself as the sixth highest earner online this year.

This week’s biggest online poker profits

1st “samrostan” won $358,238

2nd “FinddaGrind” won $287,401

3rd “ragen70″ won $270,324

4th “Crazy Elior” won $173,239

5th “donthnrmepls” won $172,929

Yesterday’s grinds didn’t pull out any of this year’s big winners, but the action was as usual fast paced with plenty of talking points. Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn managed to finish the day in the green after what has been a downwards slide since the mid-year point. Half way through the year he was looking like a strong contender to finish at least in the top three of 2013’s elite, but he’s been struggling as of late.

Yesterdays Top 4 Online Poker Profits

1st “JLlama” won $143,900

2nd “PostflopAction” won $91,500

3rd “SallyWoo  Won $52,000

4th “weak force” Won $43,200

Kostritsyn’s $91,500 win came at just right time or he could have been nursing a far greater loss. Subtracting yesterday’s winnings from his weekly downfall still resulted in finishing the week with a disappointing $323,870 deficit.

Another notable player on the end of another losing week is Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. His year has fluctuated from big daily wins, sometimes up to $1 million in profit, to substantial losses. He was up around $4 million closing into the last third of the year, but after another loss he is now only $553,574 in the green. He’s also played the most number of online poker hands than any than any other player. He’s been involved in 4,680 separate sessions in which he has managed to grind through a variation of 430,605 hands.

This week’s biggest online poker losses

“PostFlopAction” lost (-$323,870)

“w00ki3z” lost (-$301,420)

“Isildur1” lost (-$222,575)

“Rui Cao” lost (-$177,314)

“OMGClayAiken” lost (-$166,370)

Blom was also involved in the biggest pot of the day playing versus Kostritsyn playing Pot Limit Omaha on the $300/$600 stakes. The pot as usual was played aggressively by the Swede, but after firing barrels all the way past the turn, the river card looked dangerous as it would complete a flush with a third suited card now out there. Blom carefully checks allowing Kostritsyn to shove the remainder of his stack.

Despite the cautious check, Blom still called. Kostritsyn revealed the flush leaving Blom no choice but to turn over the $130,800 pot over to Kostritsyn. To make matters worse for Blom he also lost $52,000 in the space of only 18 hands playing versus Fixed Limit Omaha Eight-or-Better expert “Sallywoo” on the $2,000/$4,000 tables.

The result of Blom’s latest downswing has meant almost $3 million’s worth of losses. However, he still remains in profit for the year, and finishing the year with any profit on these nosebleed online cash games is still an achievement in itself.