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Oregon Lawmakers Discuss Sensitive Poker Room Bill

oregon signWith three months before the end of the current legislature, lawmakers need to decide whether they will pass a bill sponsored by Julie Parrish. The Republican Party Representative suggested that all poker rooms in the state of Oregon should be shut down, claiming that they are operating outside the legal framework.

Ms. Parrish said that by charging special fees and allowing players to use the poker chips as currency to purchase products inside of venues or to offer them as tips to the dealer’s, the poker rooms are breaking the law. On the other hand, lobbyists for the poker community are diligently trying to convince lawmakers that the aforesaid poker rooms are a shining example of entrepreneurial spirit. Given the fact that the owners have never been cited, raided or shut down, it is only fair to consider them law-abiding business owners and given a chance to run their ventures.

Not all of those who suggest or oppose the bill are susceptible of having hidden reasons for their conduct, but there are some questions about the motivation of Tom Rask. As a supporter of the bill, one couldn’t help but wonder whether his job of representing the card and poker rooms in La Center alters his motives. What is certain is the fact that if the bill eventually passes and Oregon residents won’t be allowed to play poker anymore in these rooms some of them might consider the town of La Center as the only alternative.

The proximity from Portland and the fact that this town hosts four gaming venues, make it an excellent choice for those who are seeking a safe place for enjoying their favorite game. Even now the four card rooms are serving mostly tourists and visitors, with the town of La Center having only 2800 residents. Mr Rask might have no hidden agenda but given the fact that the poker rooms he represents would greatly benefit from the passing of such a bill, doubts are lingering.

The public is also divided but the majority of those interviewed sided with the owners of the poker rooms claiming that people should be responsible for their actions. Those who choose to gamble their money and poker rooms should be provided with a safe environment, instead of the authorities shutting down existing venues and forcing them to fly beneath the radar.

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