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Our Suggested Poker New Year Resolutions For 2013

Our Suggested Poker New Year Resolutions For 2013

It’s here! 2012 has been confined to the history books, whilst 2013 leaves us wondering what it holds for each of us. With the New Year just beginning, many of us would have been making our New Year’s resolutions, whether it is to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating so much or stop picking our nose, we will all be hoping that we can stick to the resolutions and break the habits.

What about our poker resolutions though? Surely we should be making some resolutions in an attempt to improve our game, our profits and minimise our mistakes?

Here are some of our suggested Poker New Year’s Resolutions for 2013!

Read each and every poker book you have again, even if you have read them ten times already! There may be advice that you have forgotten or have simply nudged out of your game!

Make sure you keep to the same game variation for a prolonged period of time until you make a consistent profit and feel you are competent!

For every four hours that you play, take one hour out to study the entire hand history to see if you can spot your mistakes and make a mental note of not to do it again!

Never play when tired or not feeling very well!

Stop abusing the fish in the chat box when playing, even if you suffer a bad beat. Remind yourself that without these fish, it would be hard for you to make money in poker!

Remove your “baby” picture avatar from PokerStars; everyone knows that someone with a baby picture is indeed a fish themselves!

Turn off IM’s, televisions and refrain from surfing the web whilst playing. Distractions usually mean you are not focusing on your opponents and will no doubt lose in the end!

Stop trying to bluff a calling station, they will call you!

Force yourself to take regular breaks at least once every four hours!

Try to up how many tables you can play simultaneously, so if you are comfortable at three, try four!

Buy a better chair, if you regularly play for more than eight hours a day, your back needs the best support it can get!

Give a small percentage of your monthly innings to charity; this will make you feel much better about winning!

If you multi table, think about buying a bigger monitor or even having a duel monitor setup!

Only play sober, despite how much fun it can be after a few beers!

Develop a starting hands chart which is based on each table position, and then make sure that you stick to it!

Finally, come back to sites such as this one to keep fully up to date on everything that is happening in the poker world!

That is just a small selection of poker resolutions you could make, however you could have your very own personal variations on what you want to change about your game in 2013!




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