Party Time in Macau (pic & vid)

Women celebrating

The night before Day 3 of the PokerStars Asia Championship of Poker brought about another popular PokerStars party, meaning that there were probably a number of players taking part in that event that would have not been feeling at their very best.

It seems that the party would have been well worth it however as it did not just involve plenty of drinking, music and dancing but also a couple of tournaments on offer which gave the participants the chance to win a PokerStars Spadie trophy.

The party was located by a pool, had tons of food on offer and attracted many a big name on the poker circuit. As for the tournaments, you can see how they played out below:

Beer Pong

As for the beer pong tournament, which of course proved to be extremely popular, there were teams of two that had to compete via a knockout format. There was a slight difference between the regular types of beer pong that is played at frat parties all across the US, with water being in the cups instead of beer. The beer that was drunk was from the participants own glasses to keep hygiene at a good level.

PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree and boyfriend Igor Kurganov looked to be the team to beat in the early stages but they would eventually falter. They could not make the final but fellow Team Pro Vivian Im did make it that far only to lose to Luis Salter and Rory Brown.

Dice Game

As for the dice game tournament that was on display, this was not a game that was as well known as beer pong but attracted a good field none the same. It is heavily based on bluff based card games such as Balderdash and requires teams to bid on what the rolled dice of their opponents were.

There were a number of teams that took part but it was the duo of Jane Jawn and Jessica Ho that came out on top to win the Spadie trophy that was on offer for each of the events.

With all the partying and the fun and games now out of the way, the attention swiftly went back to the Main Event in the Asia Poker of Championship which is now fast approaching its final table. You can see who makes that final table in our report of Day 4 of the event once the action is done for the day.