pAtcAsh83 Crushes “Super Tuesday”


shutterstock_111600107Super Tuesday blasted its way to the top of the record books mimicking its Sunday Warm-Up partner’s form. The prize pool smashed through the top rankings reaching a new best payout of $601,000.

With all the extra cash the bubble broke as far down as place 72 thanks to this Tuesday’s virtual felt grinders massive interest in the event. As the registrations drew to a close the count was just below 600 players registered, and by the time the clock had run out of seconds 601 entrants were involved making this Tuesday’s event the largest number of players to take to the Super Tuesday’s online tournament tables.

The first place prize would have also broken through the record books had it not been for a similar situation to the Super Sunday Warm-Up when the last three players made a 3-way deal on the remaining prize pool, so stopped the tournament from giving away the highest Sunday Warm-Up first place prize.

The buy-in was $1,050+$50 and it took almost five and a half hours to decide whose pockets the 601 buy-ins’ cash would end up in when Tom “hitthehole” Middleton just survived his way into the money by knocking out 73rd place. It was a risky move as he was all-in with Ad-10h Vs Ac-Qh, but he flopped trip 10s linking his 10 hole card up to the board.

With the bubble settled and the leader board scoped out it was “pAtcAsh83” who was already leading the pack. His lead wasn’t permanent as rh300487 took the chip lead with close to 654,000 chips, which was 30,000 more than his only challenger former chip leader “pAtcAsh83”. Below this third place was nowhere in sight with 300,000 chips with the rest of the chips spread amongst the remaining 15 places below this with just 6.5 hours on the timer.

After another hour of play “pAtcAsh83” had regained the top spot with 1.1 million at his disposal, which was then a massive 700,000 chip lead over second place. With only 10 players left in the running it seemed clear “pAtcAsh83” would have had to have lost his mind to let go of his lead.

The deal came when the last 3 players remained:

“pAtcAsh83” – 1,922,607

“rh300487” – 685,306

“CHICHO18” – 397,087

With “pAtcAsh83” so far ahead it seemed strange he would want to deal, but anything could happen in poker and “rh300487” 685,306 must have seemed like too much of a risk if there was to be a double up from him.

“pAtcAsh83” looked to have made the correct decision as “CHICHO18” doubled up with pocket Aces Vs Kc-Qs, but a few hands later the big one came with all three players in the action.

The tournament ended when “rh300487” got involved raising double the 12,000 blind with both his opponents calling behind him. The flop came Kh-Kc-Kd. “CHICHO18” checked and “rh300487” bet 25,850 leaving “pAtcAsh83” with a fold decision. “CHICHO18” snap called and the Jc turned. “CHICHO18” checked again leaving “rh300487”, who then went all-in.

“CHICHO18” called and as the 7d came out “rh300487” had already realised was out when “CHICHO18” had already revealed his Ks-Jh quad hand versus the Qd-10d.

“pAtcAsh83” then finished “CHICHO18” in the last hand when he pulled out Th-4h Vs Ac-6h on fairly unexciting board that read 3h-As-td-4c-7h giving “pAtcAsh83” a two-pair on the turn.

How the top 3 finished

1st “pAtcAsh83” – $106,000.00

2nd “CHICHO18” – $70,623.64

3rd “rh300487” – $46,277.86