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“patpatman” Chalks Up $344k Profit In A Week And A Half

“patpatman” Chalks Up $344k Profit In A Week And A Half

“patpatman” is one of those players that have not had the most successful of years on the highstakes tables at PokerStars, yet the unknown player who is strongly believed to be one of the Macau businessmen that love highstakes action has had a much better couple of months.

In fact, in the last ten days he has recorded profits of $344k whilst grinding over at PokerStars, with most of his preferred action being on either the No-Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha tables.

The reason most people think he is one of the famous Macau businessmen is because the account is registered in Macau. Of course this doesn’t really confirm anything as the account could have been created in that country by anyone, it could even be a former US based player who has since moved to Macau to continue being able to play poker online. The fact that his English seems very good at the tables would further highlight this.

Though his recent form has been nothing short of phenomenal, he desperately needs it after being down around $2.5 million for the year just one month ago.

Approaching A Million For The Month!

This recent form actually stretches back further than just the last ten days, with his profits actually sitting at around $850k for the last thirty days. We are going to have a little round up of how he has managed to earn his money throughout the last week.

Sunday is where we will begin, where he pocketed a score of $165k which made him the day’s second biggest winner. He also hit a big pot against “Sauce123” when he hit a straight on the turn for a score of $170k.

The next couple of days saw a bit of an up and down aspect in his fortunes, he initially carried on winning but then lost most of his profit against “barcode” however he went on to win it all back when he won the biggest hand of the year so far at the highstakes tables.

That pot was $402k in a three way hand between him, “barcode” and “Ilari FIN” by hitting a full house on the river. That led him to record more profits as the day wore on.

Yesterday saw him add another $71k to his profit on a rather quiet day at the tables, but a profit is a profit and he will be happy to keep clawing back his yearly losses.

Things are certainly looking up for the pro, with there still a good chance he could pull himself out of the red by the end of the year.


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