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Paul Volpe Holds On To Top Spot for Player of the Year

shutterstock_63024610The consistency of Paul Volpe has been his main playing card as he has continued to keep his top spot, but only just with 501.54 as his current score on the Global Poker Index charts for 2013.

Volpe is not guaranteed to hold on to top spot by any means as Michael Watson is creeping up behind the American with only 0.34 points to draw level. Volpe has in fact improved his lead by 0.01 points so far, and Dan Shak has also pulled in an extra 0.01.

Christian Harder has remained stagnant in fourth position with fifth place Ana Marquez gaining herself yet another 0.01 in the rankings. There are some slow movers in the top ten, but as more tournaments are coming our way, particularly in the Asia Pacific, we can expect the points chart to move briskly upwards with some changes to the top ten.

One of the biggest movers so far has been Ben Palmer with an impressive rise up the index charts as he was down in the depths of the unknown in one hundred and ninety ninth, but he has pulled himself up to fifty first place, which was a massive jump of one hundred and forty eight positions. His impressive run was down to a solid set of performances. He made it to two final tables in a short space of time during the Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Classic this year.

His performances saw him knocked out in a close second place after losing out during the heads-up match in the preliminary event, and then later on he pulled in his second final table appearance that saw him eliminated in fifth spot in which he took away $71,000 in tournament earnings by the end of the event hosted in Las Vegas.

Moving back up to the top ten charts, there was one change with Ben Stephen Bokor getting his foot in the door and a few mentions for getting there. He has just made it into tenth place after he pulled out the cards to win the Battle at the Beach Main Event. He was $155,496 better off for his efforts in an event that cost $3,300. Similarly to Ben Palmer, Bokor also made a final table at the Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Classic, but in a different event. He came sixth and won $7,202 for his final table effort.

The man to take the title for the biggest mover in the index is Ray Dehkharghani. This is well worth a mention as he jumped up six hundred and eight positions to get himself into the top one hundred. He has now perched himself in position eighty eight. His points also came courtesy of the Card Player Poker Tour. He won the inaugural event that cost $5,180 to get in and he took $235,931 pushing his total career earnings above the $1 million mark.

At the top things are looking slow, but they are expected to get moving as the WSOP Asian Pacific Event is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for some big changes all over.


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