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PCA 2013 – Slyde To Be The Official Watch Sponsor

PCA 2013 – Slyde To Be The Official Watch Sponsor

PokerStars have today announced that the watch sponsor for their upcoming PokerStars Caribbean Adventure series is to be the luxury Swiss manufacturer Slyde. The announcement was made by the PCA’s Director Of Live Operations David Carrion ahead of the series which is to begin in January of next year.

This marks the second occasion in which the two companies have worked together after Slyde were also the main sponsor of each of the Main Events of the EPT series throughout Season 9 this year.

Slyde Strongly Welcome The Partnership!

The creator of the brand ‘Slyde’ is extremely happy with the partnership between the two, stating “The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is by far one of the year’s biggest live poker events, with players looking to a win here as one of the biggest highlights of their careers. We are extremely proud to be involved as a partner at an event that holds so much prestige. We of course are very much looking forward to presenting the winners of the three biggest events with one of our watches”

PokerStars Equally Happy!

David Carrion himself stated that “Slyde are a perfect fit for the PCA simply because both brands depict the same vision, a vision that looks to a combination of both innovation and heritage. It will be a pleasure to award the winners a stunning watch as part of their winnings”

Who Will Get One!

There will only be three winners lucky enough to get their hands on one of these luxury watches, with the winners of the Main Event, High Roller and Super High Roller being those fortunate few.

The winner of the Main Event will win a Slyde Black and Steel watch that is worth €5,250 , the winner of the $25k High Roller event will be awarded with a watch worth €11,990 and the winner of the Super High Roller $100k event will win a Steel and diamond watch worth a staggering €14,880.

Slyde are one of the world’s top watch manufacturers which are famously known for their blend of traditional styled craftsmanship with some of the latest technologies and design. The watches are all equipped with a touch screen that allows each wearer to completely customise the interface in as many ways as they would like.

If anybody needed an additional reason to try and qualify for one of the big PCA events, this is certainly it. PokerStars are still running satellites that will afford players the chance to take a seat at these events, with the winner now able to sport the current time in the most fashionable way possible.


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