The PCA 2014 Aftermath (pics)

PCA 2014

Year after year, poker players from all over the world book flights to the Bahamas and most of them have something else in mind besides catching sun. As the North hemisphere braces for winter, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure turns the heat up a notch for those who love the beautiful game. Whether they spend some time at the beach or party all night long in fancy clubs, players never leave the island disappointed.

In the aftermath of the PCA, some return home and resume their online careers, others such as Tony Gregg linger for a few more days before heading to Australia. We suspect that much happens behind the scenes and PokerStarsBlog allows us to take a glimpse at what happens in backstage, but some things are likely to evade us for good.

After poker professionals return home or head on to exquisite destinations and long after the last TV camera stops shooting, hardworking crews begin the cleanup process.






































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