How the PCA changed Andre Akkari’s life

Andre Akkari

Those who finished in the money or even won the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure have good reason to say that the event changed their lives for the better. Andre Akkari is one of the poker professionals who regularly participates in the PCA and his recent post on PokerStarsBlog emphasises the plethora of beneficial changes that this major poker competition brought into his life.

Andre has been playing in the PCA for six years in a row and he got the chance to rub elbows will fellow poker pros and make new friends. The poker competition had a significant impact on his way of life as some of his peers convinced him to change his diet and exercise routine. Akkari is very proud of his performance of losing 27 kg in less than a year and he claims that his new life makes him feel energised and always ready to take on a new challenge.

A few of these kilos might have found their way back during the winter holidays, the time of the year when poker players get together with their families and friends. Akkari spent some quality time with those close to him and recharged his batteries ahead of the upcoming PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, while wishing all the best to his online fans and followers on Twitter:

Poker players know that behind any achievement there are hundreds of hours of hard work and the same applies to the diet and exercise routine that helped him get in shape. Andre confesses that the first couple of months were the most difficult ones and he frequently thought about giving up, but he kept his eye on the prize and kept going on. Four months into the new lifestyle, the effort was insignificant and he couldn’t stay away from exercising and unhealthy foods were no longer appealing.

Returning to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is special this time for Akkari as he gets to share his impressions about the change in his life and its results with those who encouraged him to walk down this path. Obviously, there is a lot of money to be won and Andre is confident that his new lifestyle would also help him achieve better results at the poker tables.