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PCA Event 9 Pot Limit Holdem Turbo – Zakharau Secures Victory

PCA Event 9 Pot Limit Holdem Turbo – Zakharau Secures Victory

With a vast array of different variations in poker, you will get some players that like a slow structured game that pits a player’s wit against his opponents much like in a game of chess; however you will also come across players that like nothing more than a quick gamble.

Add to the format that the game variation was Pot Limit Omaha and you have a sure fire chaotic yet ever so fun event in your hands.

This event was just that, fast, furious and plenty of all-in coin flips. The eventual winner was Vladimir Zakharau from Belarus who turned his $5,200 buy-in into $68,200. He claimed victory after successfully working his way through a small field of 38 players, to take down the biggest chunk of the $184,300 prize pool after beating the Mexican Moises Mussali Birch heads up.

That heads up session lasted quite a while with both players swapping the chip lead on multiple occasions. However it ended up with Zakhurau taking down the title after both players eventually got their chips in with him hitting a full house to beat out his opponent’s ace high flush.

There were some big notable players in the mix too with both Joseph Cheong and David Baker finishing in the top four. This victory for Zakharau is actually the player’s first ever live cash too. It’s always a good sign if your first ever cash comes courtesy of a win, especially with names like Baker, Leif Force and Cheong in the field.

These three players are all of proven pedigree, with Cheong and Force being specialist tournament pros, having each seen their very best scores during the World Series Of Poker Main Event. Force managed to finish in 11th back in 2006 and took home $1,154,527 for his efforts whilst Cheong was the third place finisher in 2010 and was rewarded a healthy $4,130,049.

How it Finished!

Vladimir Zakharau — $68,200

Moises Mussali Birch — $44,220

Joseph Cheong — $25,800

David Baker — $18,440

Joshua Marvin — $14,740

Leif Force — $12,900

With the Main Event and the Super High Roller obviously attracting the most attention, we still want to try and cover as many of the other side events like this one as we can. So if you like to follow more than just the more notable events, check with us regularly and we will see what we can do.

We now look forward to more of these events, whilst we continue our reporting on the main Event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.


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