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PCA Events 3 & 4 – Dibella And Afanasyev Claim Victories

PCA Events 3 & 4 – Dibella And Afanasyev Claim Victories

In a busy day at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure that saw the Super High Roller finish and the Main Event begin, there were also a handful of side events taking place. We are going to roundup what happened in both Event 3 and Event 4 yesterday.

There will be 41 events happening at the PCA this year, meaning it is going to be one hell of a busy week’s worth of poker.

Event 3 – €2,150 No Limit Holdem Turbo

It is fair to say that John Dibella likes the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, with the tournament series seemingly liking him just as much. Dibella is the reigning Main Event champion and started 2013 here off with a bang as he took down the first side event at PCA 10.

Though the prize of $69,780 is a long way off the near $1.8 million he won in the ME last year, it is certainly not worth sniffing at. In fact that win has now pushed his career earnings up to over $2 million now, with the vast majority being from the PCA.

How It Finished!

John Dibella – $69,780

Charles Yamaguchi – $40,700

Matthew O’Brien – $23,260

Joseph Elpayaa – $17,980

Fabio Freitas – $14,280

Simon Higgins – $10,580

Adam Bennett – $8,460

Angelo Recchia – $6,340

Sean Loring – $5,280

Kenneth Gibson – $5,280

Michael Reed – $4,760

Daniel Lococo – $4,760

Event 4 – €300 No Limit Holdem Turbo

Though this is the smallest buy-in event of the PCA, it certainly brought a high level of poker action, with the eventual winner being the Russian player Aleksey Afanasyev. He took down $13,400 for his day’s work, as he saw his way past a field of 174 players.

The PCA has always been recognised for trying to offer events that can harbor as many different bankrolls as possible. Poker needs to be able to attract new players and give them the opportunity to win enough money to increase their buy-ins over time.

How It Finished!

Aleksey Afanasyev – $13,400

Stephen Thompson – $7,640

Dorian Rios – $4,440

Jenner Sant`Anna – $3,320

Eugenijus Andruskevic – $2,740

Nathaniel Joseph Houk – $2,140

Jeffrey Franklin – $1,680

Paraskevas Tsotsonos – $1,250

David Longmate – $960

Fabio Bandiera – $960

Raena Janes – $860

Calen McNeil – $860

Jonas Happel – $780

Malte Monning – $780

Oscar Trestini – $680

Brent Bibby – $680

Mario Lopez – $600

Dmitry Safronov – $600

Nico Schiller – $600

KonstantinosTzinis – $300

Anatoly Nikitin – $300


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