PCA Main Event Day 1b – Pillai Leading (vids)

Shankar Pillai in PCA

Day 1b of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is now firmly in the books after the second opening day flight brought in a large field of 710 players looking to join the 181 survivors from Day 1a into Day 2 later today.

There were approximately 475 of those players remaining come the end of the day and the player that finished at the top of the chip counts was Shankar Pillai after he built a stack of 173,900.

That was enough to put him top overall in this event and ahead of the likes of Antoine Saout, Noah Boeken, Jude Ainsworth, Sergio Aido, David Baker and Greg Merson on Day 1b.



There were around 250 eliminations on Day 1b and some of the bigger names were found among them as out of the event went Erik Cajelais, Jake Schwartz, Loni Harwood, Andy Frankenberger and Team PokerStars Pro Randy Lew.


Day 2 will see the survivors from each of the opening day flights return to the felt at 12pm local time today in order to set themselves up for a deep run in this event. Their minimum expectations will be to make the prize pool money. We will be able to let you know just how many players will get paid and just how much when that information is revealed.

The Top Ten From Day 1b

1st) Shankar Pillai – 173,900

2nd) Dylan Hortin – 160,500

3rd) Victor Levy – 150,100

4th) Daniel Bavec – 149,900

5th) Rens Feenstra – 148,400

6th) Adalfer Gamarra – 145,700

7th) Jorgen Sandvoll Lindebo – 139,900

8th) Leonardo Emperador – 136,100

9th) Sam Greenwood – 132,500

10th) Antoine Saout – 131,600