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PCA Main Event Day 4 – Danchev Dancing In Front

Day 4 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event is now in the bag, with 59 of the original 987 still in the event at the beginning of play. That player count was to be reduced even further with there being just 21 left when the day’s action came to a close.

The new chip leader is Dimitar Danchev who left it late, very late in fact to surge right to the top with a total of 4,080,000 chips. He got that total after winning a huge hand with just three hands left in the day, completely decimating the day’s original chip leader’s stack in the process.

In hindsight, Kelly would admit that he got a little bit on the crazy side after three betting whilst sat in the cut off position whilst holding the 6s-7s. He was then four bet by Danchev and he called. The flop came down as Qh-Th-7c and Danchev bet straight into it whilst holding pocket kings, Kelly must have been asking himself why he even got involved at this point but decided he wasn’t going to give it up just yet and pushed all-in.

Though Danchev was obviously rocked by the bet he thought long and hard before making the call. Kelly was stunned with the call but had nobody to blame but himself; he showed his cards and saw the remaining two cards come down with two deuces. He was now out and Danchev was the clear leader in the event.

Team PokerStars!

Today signaled the end of any chance a PokerStars Team Pro would walk away with the title, with Eugene Katchalov, Tatiana Barausova and Jake Cody being eliminated on Day 4. Katchalov in particular would have been gutted considering if he won this event he would have become a triple crown winner having already won a WPT title and a WSOP bracelet, this EPT event would have completed that ambition.

Along with Kelly, we lost some big names yesterday, with Joe Serock, Carlos Mortensen, Greg Mueller and Timo Eckert all seeing the rail much earlier than they would have liked.

The Current Top Ten!

Dimitar Danchev – 4,080,000

Owen Crowe – 2,500,000

Ryan Fair – 2,496,000

Yann Dion – 2,296,000

Robert Mizrachi – 1,990,000

Michael Lipman – 1,562,000

Andrey Shatilov – 1,494,000

Joel Micka – 1,409,000

Matthew Reed – 1,375,000

Jerry Wong – 1,370,000

Day 5 gets underway a little later, with the players still in the event getting ever closer to a fight for the title on the final table. Though Danchev has a good lead, he is certainly not out of touching distance and still needs to keep his momentum going if he truly wants to win this event.


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