PCA Super High Roller Day 3 – Quoss Storms To Win

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The first big event of 2014 is finally over after Day 3 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller saw its final seven players battle it out until we had just one of them left remaining. The player that started his year off with a win was Fabian Quoss after he overcame both PokerStars Team Pro Vanessa Selbst and Dan Shak who had started the day as the chip leaders to lay claim to the title and $1,629,940 first place payout.

The day started with seven players although it was actually supposed to start with eight, yet due to a double elimination at the end of Day 2 the final day’s action started with one player less than planned.

The day started frantically and it did not take us long to lose not one but two players within just a couple of hands. Both Ole Schemion and Tony Gregg were the shortest stacks and both of them pushed all in only to be called by Fabian Quoss. Quoss had both of them covered with his pocket tens but the Ad-9c and Kd-4d of Gregg and Schemion were still live and dangerous.

The board fell as the Qd-2h-2s-2d-9s though and Quoss begun the day by eliminating two players in one go.

This left us with five players and again this did not last for long as within just a few more hands we lost Matt Glantz. He pushed with the Ac-7h and Selbst went over the top of him to isolate her opponent with the Ah-Jh. Once the board fell as the 3d-5c-7c-7s-Ks we were now down to four handed play.

The next elimination wasn’t so quick to come this time around but when it did it was Antonio Esfandiari that was sent out of the event by Vanessa Selbst. After a betting war between the two, all of the chips went into the middle with Selbst being just behind with her Ac-Kd against the 0c-9h of Esfandiari.

The cards came down as the 2h-4d-5d-Ad-5c to give Selbst the two pair and for Esfandiari to pick up his things before going to collect his payout of $575,920.

Three handed play is where we saw the best action as Selbst, Shak and Quoss entered big pot after big pot. Selbst first lost loads to Shak before doubling back up through him and then was crippled when she lost a massive pot to Quoss.

After that hand she pushed all-in when holding the Kh-9c and attracted the call from Quoss who had the Ah-4h. She was up against it and the board of 6d-2c-3c-4s-3s was of no help as she was eliminated in third for $760,640.

Heads up between Quoss and Shak lasted for just under an hour and for most of it Quoss was the aggressor, constantly piling the pressure onto his opponent. Eventually the event was over when the board had given Quoss a straight on the turn when it fell as the 10d-7c-Qs-9d. He was holding the 8s-6h and just had to hope that Shak would make a move. As Shalwas holding the Jh-10c he really felt he was ahead when he pushed all in but would have been shocked to see his opponents hand.

Shak will nevertheless be extremely happy with the $1,178,980 he banked, but obviously not quite as happy as Quoss with his $1,629,940.

How It Finished

1st) Fabian Quoss – $1,629,940

2nd) Dan Shak – $1,178,980

3rd) Vanessa Selbst – $760,640

4th) Antonio Esfandiari – $575,920

5th) Matt Glantz – $445,520

6th) Tony Gregg – $347,720

7th) Ole Schemion – $277,080