PCA Super High Roller – Seiver Bags Title And $2 Million


The winner of the first big event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is Scott Seiver after he has just taken down the PCA $100k Super High Roller for a payout of $2,003,480. He achieved this despite coming into the day as one of the shortest stacks of just 755k chips, and eventually clawing back the huge chip advantage held by David Sands who was holding 6,680,000 at the start of the day to defeat him heads up.

The Final Table

Nick Schulman – [2,295,000]

Dan Shak – [870,000]

Greg Jensen – [1,500,000]

Scott Seiver – [755,000]

Vladimir Troyanovsky – [505,000]

Philipp Gruissem – [1,610,000]

Cary Katz – [590,000]

David Sands – [6,680,000]

Many thought that the final would be somewhat of a procession for the chip leader Sands, simply because he already had almost half of the chips in the event. Ultimately it didn’t end that way, though he did hold on to them for most of the day.

Dan Shak was in fact the first player to be evicted from the final table, he got involved in a three way hand that also involved Seiver, with his opponent managing to triple up whilst he was eliminated. He was followed out of the door just one hand later as Vladimir Troyanovsky got all of his chips into the middle holding pocket tens, and was called by the pocket aces of Nick Schulman. Troyanovski came out second best and finished in 7th place.

In a fast moving final table, just a further two hands later we saw the amateur player Greg Jensen exit the event in 6th place after running into the pocket kings of Schulman. Jensen was here simply for fun and even made an amazing gesture by donating his entire $286,200 prize to a charity that is supporting the victims of the shooting that took place in Connecticut recently.

We then lost Phillip Gruissem, Cary Katz and Nick Schulman in fairly quick succession to leave us heads up between David Sands with 8.6 million chips and Scott Seiver with 6.15 million. They did briefly discuss the possibility of chopping the prize pool; however they decided to play on.

Eventually the chips all went in with Seiver holding pocket nines and Sands pocket tens; however Seiver managed to flop a set and completely cripple Sands. Just a few hands later we had our champion as Seiver called Sands all-in; Seiver had the A-7 and Sands the K-4. Sands couldn’t improve his hand and it was all over.


scott seiver pca super high rollerThe Final Standings!

Scott Seiver – [$2,003,480]

David Sands – [$1,259,320]

Nick Schulman – [$744,140]

Cary Katz – [$543,800]

Philipp Gruissem – [$400,700]

Greg Jensen – [$286,200]

Vladimir Troyanovsky – [$257,580]

Dan Shak – [$228,960]