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Petersen Wins The English Poker Open

Petersen Wins The English Poker Open

On Sunday the new champion of the English Poker Open 2012 was announced as Mickey Petersen came out on top of an extremely well stacked final table. The Danish poker pro managed to take down £78,660 after beating Chris Bjorin heads up.

As the final day started the PokerStars Team Pro Petersen had an average stack with the chip leader at the time being Jamie Roberts.

This event is a firm favourite amongst the Brits whilst it also attracts some big names from all over the world. The London Poker Festival on a whole has been a huge success as is usually the case, with the whole occasion obviously being based on poker with lots of extra entertainment thrown in.

The first elimination of the day came being Igor Kurganov and he was soon followed to the rail by both Thomas Laumier and Niels Ladefoged. We then lost Ben Jackson in sixth place after being a little unlucky to run into the pocket aces of Chris Bjorin. Next to head for the exit sign’s was Nicola Lategano after chasing a straight draw to bust Petersen’s pocket queens.

Jamie Roberts who had been the chip leader for the most of the time throughout this event was the next to go out; he finished fourth when his AK was busted by Petersen’s A10 late in the day.

Surinder Sunar has been playing tournament poker for 25 years having first experienced cashes back in 1987, yet he finished in third after coming off second best to another veteran in 2012 WSOP Hall Of Fame nominee Bjorin.

Heads Up!

Petersen had a massive lead when it got to heads up against Bjorin; in fact he had a 4.5-1 advantage over his opponent. Bjorin wasn’t about to give up though and did manage to double up a few times before he was finally sent packing.

The last hand was as in many cases a coin-flip as Petersen called Bjorn’s all-in whilst holding pocket nines, Bjorin had the AK and was on this occasion unable to double up and finished as runner up. Petersen was extremely modest in victory stating that it was simply his day and the cards had been very kind to him.

English Poker Open Final Standings:

1. Mickey Petersen – £78,660

2. Chris Bjorin – £49,690

3. Surinder Sunar – £35,880

4. Jamie Roberts – £28,290

5. Nicola Lategano – £20,700

6. Ben Jackson – £15,180

7. Niels Ladefoged – £10,350

8. Thomas Laumier – £8,280

9. Igor Kurganov – £6,210

After such a great advertisement for British poker, we really cannot wait until next year’s London’s Festival Of Poker. A truly great poker tournament mixed with some great entertainment to keep the whole family happy.


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