Phil Galfond gives social interview on Reddit

EV60_Day 01

Phil Galfond is one of the best players in the world and one that is used to communicate with fans. Be it blogs or social media “OMGClayAiken” has done everything. His latest attempt was an AskMeAnything (AMA) on Reddit.

One user asked him to name a couple of poker players that he regards as the best at live cash tables and Galfond was happy to oblige. Patrik Antonius, Nick Schulman, John Hennigan and Huck Seed were the ones nominated, but Phil insisted that there are many more worth a nomination. At the top of the list stands Phil Ivey who is an all-round player, feared at both live and online cash tables.

Phil was also asked a couple of delicate questions, about the impact Black Friday had on his poker career, the relationship with Tom Dwan and his intentions of spending more time in Macau to tap into the immense potential of that market. Arguably the most difficult to answer was the former, bur Phil was forthright and said that although that dreadful day set him back both financially and personally, he overcame the obstacle and others had it worse.

Regarding “durrrr” he said that he is one of his best friends among the poker world and he has made a big contribution to his success. Even so, when they sit down at the same tables, both do their very best to emerge victorious, which makes perfect sense given the fact that they compete at nosebleed limits. Speaking of big money, Galfond confesses that although he occasionally contemplates the possibility of playing more often in Macau, the shortcomings outshine the benefits.

To start with, the stakes are ridiculously high and he would need to either sell action or get staked, with neither of the options being particularly exciting. Furthermore, traveling to Macau or even worse, living there for long periods of time, would translate into immense stress and Phil is not up for the hassle, at least not yet. He keeps his options though and doesn’t exclude any possibility, particularly lucrative ones.

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